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How to Successfully Grow Your Business Using the Internet

With internet expert, Lenny Laskowski.

Author of the book,"Success Via The Internet - Secrets of Growing Your Business Online"

Do you have a website that is not making you any business?
Do you have a website even you can't find?

Lenny Laskowski, international professional speaker and internet marketing expert offers two powerful sessions on internet marketing to help you grow your speaking business.

Session #1 - 7 Key Decisions Your Website Visitor Must Make Before They Decide to Do Business With You
  • In this session you will learn the 7 key decisions you must answer to turn your website visitors into clients.
  • Learn why most websites do not generate any traffic or business
  • Learn the information you must include on your website to make people want to do business with you.
  • Make sure search engines can locate your website

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Session #2 - How to integrate your On-Line and Off-Line Marketing to better market your business.
  • Learn the power of publishing articles
  • Learn ways to market and publish your articles to attract new business
  • Learn how permission marketing & viral marketing help to establish credibility.
  • Much, much, more:

Other internet topics - each customized to any length program:

  • B2B Marketing and Online Lead Generation
  • Integrating B2B Marketing and Social Media
  • Content Marketing and Website Optimization
  • How B2B Search Engine Marketing can Improve the B2B Buying Process

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