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Technical Presentation Skills


This course is specifically designed for those who deliver technical presentations. The technical presentation usually involves the use of more visual aids, especially graphs, charts, and statistical data.



This course is designed to teach you how to better display your ideas to those who may not be familiar with your area of technical expertise..


Graphical display techniques along with methods used to display and present technical information will be discussed. Since most technical presentations often involve teams, this course will also include some team presentation skills concepts.


The 7 Aspects of a Dynamic Presentation

How To Use Visual Aids More Effectively To Display Technical Information

Types of Graphical Displays and When to Use Them

How to Explain technical data to Non-technical Audiences

Body Language, Gestures and much more

How to Properly Structure Your Presentation

How To Control Your Nervousness

Team Presentation Skills Concepts

Mind Mapping Techniques

How to Handle Questions including Hostile Questions



Topics will be presented through a series of short lectures and group discussions. Each participant will deliver several short videotaped presentations which will be professionally critiqued. In addition, group discussions will offer additional group feedback.


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